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JYJ’s Jaejoong recently finished filming for his drama “Triangle” and finally spoke up about the original ending of his character, Jang Dong Chul.

Kim Jaejoong explained, “The drama has ended and I know I can speak up about it now, but honestly, Jang Dong Chul’s death was certain. He…

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To all my fellow yunjae shippers..I’m so happy to share the feels of yunjae once again~

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cr: Close To You // DO NOT EDIT

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— 김재중 (proof that 3 letters are enough to reanimate the dead)
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140628 Mini Fanmeeting
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yunjae fandom: *stirring underneath the grave*
yunjae fandom: *rises out of the ground*
yunjae fandom: *breathes heavily*
yunjae fandom: *roars at the sky*
yunjae fandom: YUNHO-YA
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Jaejoong, a member of the K-pop boy band JYJ and an actor, talked about how he acts in a relationship during an interview with local media outlets on Wednesday.

Comparing himself to his character Youngdal, the fledgling actor said that he is honest when it comes to love.



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top 6 pictures of yunjae: asked by cassiesfohlife

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